Mark Lanegan – Ding Dong, 4 March 2013

My girlfriend and I went to see Mark Lanegan live at Ding Dong last week.

Here’s a grainy photo to prove it:


Dude with guitar and Lanegan

The small venue was chockers, but I was amazed at how quiet and respectful the audience was. It was a stark contrast to the last time I went to a ‘quiet’ gig, when I went and saw Art of Fighting a few years ago and the wanker crowd chatted their way through the whole thing.

One bloke arked up a bit during one of the songs but was quickly and politely advised to shut the fuck up by a discerning audience member.

It was just Lanegan and some dude with an acoustic guitar on stage, and it really was a spellbinding performance. That voice live gives you shivers, and the imagery and emotion that guy conjures up could bring a grown man to the verge of tears at times. Not me of course, but a grown man not quite as strong and tough as me.

I’m not exactly sure of the set list but it looks pretty close to what he played in Sydney on the 9th (see here for the list).

The Cherry Tree Carol was my favourite for the night, and thankfully someone in the crowd filmed it and put it on Youtube, so here it is:

It was a great gig, certainly the best vocal performance I’ve ever seen live, so well done Melbourne for turning out to support the great man and showing him the respect such a talent deserves.

– Hazizi


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