Isis Things

Hey folks,

Just quickly wanted to let you know that THERE WILL BE SOME ACTIVITY on this blog in coming weeks and months.

I’ve just finished a very hectic teaching degree and will now have some time to talk metal.

And Felix has done a great review of Civ V: Gods and Kings which I’ll post soon too.

In the meantime here’s a couple of things from Isis, who broke up in 2010 but are releasing a few things from their back catalogue at the moment.

The first is a new film clip to an old song that was on a 2010 split EP (with the Melvins).  It is called Pliable Foe and was recorded during the Wavering Radiant sessions.

The second thing is a link to a cover of Streetcleaner by the mighty Godflesh which they did back in 2000.

Streetcleaner – Isis

Enjoy, and I’ll see y’all real soon.



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