Cuppla new songs… bewdiful


‘Allo gentlemen ‘ow are you today?  What can I do for YOU?  Would you like something special?  I got something special for you.

Bewdiful new High on Fire song.  BEWDIFUL!  Listen to him.  Sit back relax and enjoy him.  Go to this Guitar World link for him.

Or how about this one – a bit of LA-based sludge for you.  The band is called 16.  The song is called Ants in my Bloodstream.  I think you will enjoy him.  But you gotta go to that Pitchfork website for him.  Ah, dussent matter.

Listen to these songs for cuppla days – I tell you – BEW-DI-FUL!!!

– Hazizi the Fruiterer


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