Deftones – Palace Theatre, 31 Jan 2011

Deftones: Live in Melbourne

I went and checked out the Deftones recently.  They were in Melbourne for the Big Day Out and decided to give us a side show while they were here.

My thoughts, just quickly, in dot point format:

  • Loved the setlist (available here).  It was quite innovative – they played a few songs off each of their albums in (almost) chronological order.  It was a guided tour through their entire catalogue, and made for a pleasant change from the standard ‘start with the biggest recent hit, finish with the old crowd pleaser’ formula that most bands stick to.
  • Liked the stage set up too.  There was a set of steps facing the crowd that gave vocalist Chino Moreno something to climb up and jump around and pose on as he was singing.
  • The Palace Theatre, or Metro as most people still call it, is a pretty impressive venue, and it would be very cool to play there.  The multiple levels bearing down on the stage remind me of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck video.

The happy punters (except for the one aggro bloke)

  • I thought the sound could have used a bit more oomph.  They needed some bigger stacks of Marshalls or something (whoops, I mean Oranges – whatever).  I suppose it’s difficult when you’re touring the world and playing all different sizes of venues to take a rig that suits every venue, and the Metro is a particularly high-ceilinged venue that makes the acoustics a challenge.
  • The crowd got into it and were generally in good spirits, although there were a couple of aggro dudes near me blocking people walking up and down the stairs that could have used a couple of cans of chill the fuck out.  I wish people would stop filming the whole thing on their frikking iPhones too – they get in the way.  Dude, you’re at the concert, enjoy it – the grainy, muffled recording on your phone isn’t going to be worth the effort of standing there like a knob when you could be enjoying the gig.  Buy a live DVD or find some decent quality live footage on Youtube if you want to relive it.
  • My favourite songs for the night were Kimdracula, Minerva and Sextape – one each off their last three albums.  All the new songs sounded great live.
  • Chino chugged a beer when the crowd yelled ‘skull, skull skull!’ – gotta love peer group pressure.
  • Scotch and coke tastes even better on a Monday night for some reason – give it a try!
Category Rating
Sound: 7
Set List: 9
Crowd: 8
Overall: 8

– Hazizi


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