Quick Update: Melbourne Metal Showcase, 8th May 2010

Hear this Metal Warriors!

There’s a gig coming up this weekend in Melbourne that may interest to those who like their music loud, fast and heavy.

The headline act is a band called Humonic, featuring one of the greatest drummers the world has ever seen (no shit!) – Matt Skitz (ex-Damaged).

Here’s the gig poster with more details:


And if you think it’s been a bit quiet on this blog lately – you’re right!

But all that’s about to change – coming up we’ve got a record label showcase featuring Detroit’s Small Stone Recordings as they prepare to release the highly anticipated new Solace album, and I’ll be giving the latest Deftones CD a spin too.  Felix hasn’t been sitting around twiddling his thumbs either.  Well he has, but they’ve been attached to his Playstation controller – he’ll be taking you through all the explosive mayhem of Just Cause 2.

Check back soon, folks!

– Hazizi


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