Dragon Age: Origins (PS3) – Final Thoughts and Scores

Update: I finally finished the sucka.  After putting down my hand-grit encrusted controller, I dutifully made my way up to the Cave of Assessment so as to bring you the all important numerical scores on the game.

Dragon Age: Origins - The Final Assessment

Before I extract the digits, here’s a couple of finishing thoughts in dot point form, for all you busy executives:

  • A fitting end — the last boss fight and the skirmishes that led up to it took me over 2 hours (thanks, pausy radial menu combat system!) but not due to cheap deaths or time wasting tasks.  It was lots of hefty combat and the boss fight was appropriately difficult.
  • I believe in magic — halfway through the final battle my elf mage and her companions were dead, save for the healer mage Wynne.  She revived me so I could keep nuking the boss and after that it was simple attrition by spell and potion management.  Mages in this game seem way more powerful than the other classes.
  • Play it again? A much vaunted feature of the game is that you get a different Origin Story (read: first few hours of game) depending on the class or race you choose.  Is this enough to warrant another playthrough with a different character?  Not when I know there’s 50+ hours of winding linear dungeons lurking behind that opening act.  I’m not even sure that DLC will get me back in.

Upshot: Not the prettiest title on this generation by a long shot, but it’s worth a look simply because there are so few western fantasy RPGs out there for the PS3* and this is the only one of those that does the party thang.

Category Rating
Atmosphere: 6
Story: 8
Addictiveness: 7
Overall: 7

– Felix

*Context – I friggin hate JRPGs as a rule, despite some genuine efforts to get into them and persistent nagging from evangelists.


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