Clutch – Strange Cousins From The West (Weathermaker)

Clutch - Strange Cousins From The West

Clutch - Strange Cousins From The West

By now you should know what to expect from a Clutch album

I mean sure, in recent times the southern US rock/metal fusion of their 2004 masterpiece Blast Tyrant has given way to a gentler, mid-tempo blues, but the key ingredients are always going to be there – big swinging stoner riffs and the manic, bombastic vocals of Neil Fallon.

As always, Neil’s lyrics are a highlight on this album – full of wit, aphorisms and wonderful imagery, and howled out with his usual fanatical zeal.

My favourite song on the album is Freakonomics, in which suspenseful, shuffling verses are soon overwhelmed by a groovy Hendrixesque chorus that is impossible to shake once you’ve heard it.

Oh, and the packaging is awesome.  The etched artwork hints at conspiracies and secret societies, and it’s all fold-outy and has an little bit of cork to hold the CD in place.

If you like Clutch, you’ve probably already got the album and love it.  If you haven’t heard much Clutch before this is as good a place to start as any.  Sure they’ve been around for nearly twenty years, but the way they’re going they’ll be around for twenty more.

Category Rating
Production: 8
Songwriting: 8
Creativity: 6
Overall: 8

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