Welcome to Three Paper Reviews – intelligent reviews from the underground.

This blog will provide you with objective, informative reviews about things you might actually be interested in: heavy music CDs and gigs, cool computer games, and the occasional book, movie, TV show or anything else that takes our fancy.  We’ll try to steer away from the mainstream and steer you towards the creative fringe as much as possible.

Firstly, a quick word about our review methodology:

  • Each review will give ratings across three or four key criteria, as well as an overall rating.
  • Criteria will be determined by the reviewer and will vary according to the category of the review.  For example, new music albums will be rated on their production, songwriting and creativity.
  • The overall rating can take in other factors – it’s not just an average of the criteria.
  • Ratings will be out of ten, with no half marks allowed (oooh!).

There’ll also be some retrospective reviews among the new releases, and the occasional tidbit of news and gig information whenever it’s relevant.

We hope to generate plenty of thought and discussion, as well as occasionally putting you onto something cool which you may have otherwise missed (which is very easy to do in these days of information overload).

Stick with us for the next few weeks and you’ll soon get a flavour of the types of things we’re into.

To kick things off I’m gonna start with an overview of the best heavy music of 2008.  I know it was a little while ago, but the article will give you an idea of the kinds of tunes we’re into, so you’ll have a better idea of what to expect in coming weeks, months and years!

Check back soon for the article, and enjoy your journey with us from the Dungeon of Obfuscation towards the Palace Of Enlightment!

The Palace Of Enlightenment

The Palace Of Enlightenment




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